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Jeff Tweedy


Wilco, 11/10/04


Jeff Tweedy, 02/02/06


The Moore
Seattle, WA
February 2, 2006

Any opinions I had about Jeff Tweedy being a brooding, tortured artist have undoubtedly been proven inaccurate after seeing him play solo. I'm thinking that if he ever tires of the musician route, he has a career waiting for him in standup comedy. Yes, that's right. Jeff Tweedy is a natural comedian with fast wit and a natural ability to make people laugh.

There are still the remnants of his days struggling with substance abuse. When audience members yell out assorted comments to him between songs, he admits that he's not quite certain if they are voices from the crowd or simply voices in his own head. One of those voices yells out, "Don't hold back!" To which Jeff self-deprecatingly yet humorously replies, "I'm not holding back. This is all I've got."

But one of the funniest moments is when a deep male voice yells out in the way only a sports fanatic can, "Go Seahawks, baby!" (This was just prior to the Super bowl game being given to the Stealers. "Stealers," Irony anyone?)  Jeff responded by telling the crowd, "Whatever it is about sports that makes you do that (referring to the uncomfortably overzealous yelling) is what keeps me from watching sports."

Jeff also spoke about being naked in men's locker rooms (or dressing rooms as the rock star part of him accidentally referred to them) but we won't go into all of that. We'll leave that to the imagine.

The opening act of the evening was the awe strikingly talented  Glenn Kotche, Wilco's drummer and an indisputable artist in his own right. After performing a mind blowing set consisting of miscellaneous gadgets and a drum kit, Glenn later rejoined Jeff for a string of songs including the amazingly poignant War on War which declares, "You have to learn how to die if you want to be alive," as well as the light hearted and fun Heavy Metal Drummer.

Seeing Wilco, easily one of the best bands around today, perform together live is something not to be missed. But seeing Jeff Tweedy or Glenn Kotche doing their solo thing, is a different and unique aspect of the experience that you would be crazy to miss.

~Melody Alderman


Sunken Treasure   
Someday Some Morning Sometime   
(Was I) In Your Dreams  
Bob Dylan's 49th Beard 
Please Tell My Brother
She's A Jar  
The Ruling Class
Pieholden Suite 
new song (Is That The Thanks I Get?)
Someday Soon 
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 
A Shot In The Arm 

(First Encore)
I Can't Keep From Talking
The Late Greats (with Glenn on drums) 
Not For The Season (with Glenn on drums) 
War On War (with Glenn on drums) 
Heavy Metal Drummer (with Glenn on drums) 
Far, Far Away (with Glenn on drums) 

(Second Encore)
I'm The Man Who Loves You (with Glenn on drums) 

Setlist courtesy of wilcobase.com






Photographs by Melody Alderman
Copyright 2011

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