A review of the Moore Theatre show in Seattle, WA September 25, 2007
By Melody Alderman

It's hard to believe that the artist on stage is only twenty years old. Paolo Nutini sings like a seasoned blues vocalist.

Originally scheduled to perform as the opening act to a now rehabbing Amy Winehouse, Paolo found himself thrust front and center at a more intimate venue. Maybe this is why his nerves seemed to be holding him at bay during the first few numbers of the set. Fortunately, he chose not to follow the typical setlist order of a new artist with radio hits. He didn't wait until the end of the show to play the more recognizable songs. Instead, he took them out of the bag early and trusted his audience would stick with him until the end. The gamble paid off when the Scottish songwriter played the fun, dare-you-not-to-smile-while-listening "New Shoes." This set the mood for the show and got the crowd completely engaged in every note that followed.

The real turning point of the show though came when Paolo launched into his latest single, "Last Request." Suddenly, dozens of people jumped out of their seats and rushed the stage to get a closer listen. The dynamics changed immediately with Paolo settling into an ease that carried him through an impressive array of catchy songs accompanied with top notch vocals.

Another highlight came with the incredible hook of "Jenny Don't Be Hasty." This is when the fun and playful nature of Paolo really came through and it was contagious. An array of girls in the audience randomly took turns hopping onstage one by one, only to be immediately removed by security. Yep, girls rushing the stage. That's when you know not only that you've arrived, but that you're officially a rock star.

Paolo Nutini is an artist that would make both Ben E. King and Mick Jagger proud. Now that's refreshing versatility.

"Grant my last request
And just let me hold you
Don't shrug your shoulders
Lay down beside me
Sure I can accept
that we're going nowhere
But one last time
let's go there"

Song * Last Request
Album * These Streets
"There's a heart on the line
and it rests with your eyes
Please don't fade
and please don't cry
'cause it's all white lies
Take a chance watch it fall
grab too much and lose it all
Now I've lost my disguise
it was all white lies"

Song * White Lies
Album * These Streets
"If you love the life you live
Then you'll get a lot more done
Be more inclined to take the reins
Than turn away and run"

Song * Simple Things
Album * Sunny Side Up