This is a review of their show at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA 09/21/03
By Melody Alderman

The evening began early for Amy Lee, who stepped on stage to join opening act Finger Eleven. Providing a melodic shadow of background vocals on the band's single "One Thing," Amy surprised even lead singer Scott Anderson who declared Amy's impromptu performance was one of the happiest moments of his life.

This was the last date of a Nintendo sponsored tour featuring Evanescence, Finger Eleven and Revis. This led to an overindulgence of commercial exploitation throughout the evening. Giveaways of T-shirts in between band performances prompted many audience members to lose their composure and scream "Nintendo!" on command in the hopes that one of those T-shirts would be thrown in their direction. Then there were the many roped off areas within the venue which were reserved strictly for guests and employees of Nintendo. This forced a great deal of fans to be shoved to the back of the theater like second class citizens while the majority of the seats roped off for the corporate conglomerate remained empty. While this could have very easily broken the spirit of the evening, once Evanescence stepped onto stage, all was forgiven.

With a graceful strength, Amy Lee owned the stage with radiant warmth and the conviction of a true rock goddess. Reminiscent of the energy of Gwen Stefani, Amy displays the rare combination of both strength and vulnerability. Whether it's her soaring vocals on songs like "Going Under" and "Bring Me To Life" or the revealing lyrics on "My Last Breath" ("I'll miss the winter, A world of fragile things, Look for me in the white forest, Hiding in a hollow tree,"), there is a humble sincerity that envelops her.

The talented Ben Moody switched between guitars and a small drum kit throughout the evening's set. He also cracked jokes between songs. The friendship and bond between Amy and Ben was very evident and sweet. At one point, when Moody stepped off stage, Amy begged for him not to go pee. He ignored her plea.

With the houselights up at many points throughout the night, Ben and Amy both declared during the evening how much they love Seattle and how appropriate it was for the tour to come to an end there. Seattle radio was one of the first in the country to give their music a chance.

For such a young band, Evanescence possess a secure confidence with an underlying modesty. With that confidence, the band performed a Smashing Pumpkins (""Zero"), Metallica ("Enter Sandman"), assorted cover medley before closing the set with "My Tourniquet." Then came the highlight of the evening.

For an encore, Amy played keyboards and performed solo. She played a new song called "Breathe No More" which had only been performed once before. That was intended to be her only solo number after which the band was planning on coming back out and joining her. But, due to apparent sound problems, Ben stepped onto the stage and asked Amy to do one more alone. She happily obliged and performed the hauntingly beautiful "My Immortal," ("You use to captivate me by your resonating light, But now I'm bound by the life you left behind.").

Ben then came back out on stage and invited everyone who had worked on the tour to join him. He thanked everyone for being a part of what he stated was the best tour they have experienced. With that, it was time for everyone to say goodbye.


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"You used to captivate me
By your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the
life you left behind
Your face it haunts
My once pleasant dreams
Your voice it chased away
All the sanity in me"

Song * My Immortal
Album * Fallen
"Why must we fall apart
to understand how to fly?
I will find a way
Even without wings
Follow your heart
'Til it bleeds
As we run towards
the end of the dream"

Song * End of The Dream
Album * Evanescence
"Don't cry to me
If you loved me
You would be here with me
You want me
Come find me
Make up your mind."

Song * Call Me When You're Sober
Album * The Open Door