Below is an actual bio that Eric sent to us when we started the site in 2003, when he was still trying to get noticed. We thought it was too priceless not to re-visit. Enjoy!

Build Your Own Eric Hutchinson BIO!!!

If you've got ears, Eric Hutchinson is for you. With his [insert positive adjective] sound and [insert another positive adjective] musical talent, Eric Hutchinson is quickly becoming the hottest new musician in [insert your home state]. If you like [insert your favorite musician] or [insert your second favorite musician], you're sure to love Eric Hutchinson.

Eric has been writing songs since the age of [insert the age you first started walking] and had already composed over 300 songs by the age of [insert the age you lost your virginity]. He also got a [take your SAT score and add ten] on the SATs in high school. The success did not end there.

Eric's music has been featured on [insert your favorite TV show] and Eric was recently presented with the grand jury prize at the [insert your favorite prestigious music festival]. But even after thousands of shows and years of rigorous touring, Eric is just the same old [insert synonym for "humble"] guy. For fun he still likes to [insert the cool hobby you've always wished you had]. He also really hates [insert that thing you really hate]. So sit back, relax, and discover the music of Eric Hutchinson.


Get to know Eric even better by taking a spin around his cyber world.

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"OK, it's alright with me
Some things are just meant to be
It never comes easily
And when it does I'm already gone
I'm practically never still
More likely to move until
I end up alone at will
My life continues inching along"

Song * OK, It's Alright With Me
Album * Sounds Like This
"I couldn't live this down enough
to make up for you and me
I feel a swelling in my soul
I've been choking up inside
I'd bite my tongue just for your sake
but I'd swallow too much pride"

Song * You've Got You
Album * Sounds Like This
"New life decides to come through the front door
And makes us wish
we'd shown respect before
Though I don't have much of a choice
I resolve to regain my voice"

Song * Back To Where I Was
Album * Sounds Like This