A review of her show at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA May 9, 2003.
By Melody Alderman

A highly underrated songwriter and a gifted performer, Dar Williams treated nearly 2,000 fans to an intimate, inspiring show at the Moore Theatre.

The stage is set. The band is in place as Dar begins the show with the song "Fishing In The Morning" off her latest endeavor, Beauty Of The Rain. It’s a sweet, lighthearted story embodied in a catchy melody that sets the tone for the evening. Backed by a full band (Steve Holley on drums, Carol Steele on percussion, Michael Visceglia on bass, Ben Butler on guitar and Julie Wolf on keyboards), Dar has an energetic, enveloping sound. She is captivating to watch and has an accessibility about her that makes the space in between feel safe.

Nearly every song off of the new CD is performed including "Mercy Of The Fallen," "Farewell To The Old Me" and "The One Who Knows," in which Ben Taylor, son of James Taylor and Carly Simon as well as the evening’s opening act, joins Dar on stage. Their voices melt together beautifully.

Between each song Dar has an innate ability to share personal stories with an endearing sense of humor and vulnerability. Through each song and anecdote, it feels like you are getting to know her better. There’s a unique sense of friendship that begins to develop between Dar and her audience. You feel your walls coming down through the security of her lyrics and hypnotic voice.

Though performing a lot of new material, Dar was still thoroughly inclusive of long time fans in the audience as well, performing many of her older songs including "Spring Street," "End Of The Summer" and "Iowa." But the crowd favorite of the evening arrived during Dar’s encore. "As Cool As I Am," an anthem of female empowerment, gets the audience out of their seats and on their feet. Appropriately enough, Dar closes the show with this as the audience dances in front of the stage.

With this, Dar leaves Seattle having done something very difficult. She has successfully narrowed the gap between performer and audience, making some new friends in between.


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"Well you know the way I left
Was not the way I planned
But I thought the world needed love
and a steady hand
So I'm steady now

And I'm so happy
I had to tell you
And I love you
But you will not write me again"

Song * If I Wrote You
Album * End of the Summer
"And it felt like
a winter machine that you go through and then
you catch your breath
then winter starts again
and everyone else is spring bound."

Song * After All
Album * The Green World
"But when she gave you more to find
you let her think she'd lost her mind
and that's all on you
Feeling helpless if she
asked for help
or scared you'd have to
change yourself"

Song * Beauty of The Rain
Album * Beauty of The Rain