A review of her show at The Pier in Seattle, Washington on August 15, 2003.
By Melody Alderman

Bjork is anything but ordinary and she has the audience to match. Like a hand to a fitted glove, the two are direct reflections of one another. Bjork is onstage in a pink dress that balloons out like a lamp shade. Her hair slightly shaved, she flirts between cutesy and bizarre. The crowd dances around in feathered, handmade dresses and hair adornments that are unidentifiable.

Backed by a lovely, majestic orchestra (the Icelandic String Octet), Bjork's sound is enveloping, like a warm blanket or good friend who truly understands how screwed up we all really are. The best part is that we know she'll keep our secret, just as we'll keep hers.

The shrieks are intense. "You're beautiful Bjork!" "I love you Bjork!"

The strange thing is, she appears to be unaffected by the sold out crowd offering her their worship. There is obvious and immediate reverence and adoration for her. The audience is intense, devoted and eclectic. Bjork herself seems to be immune or in another dimension. She is projecting her voice from some secret, alternate dimension that understands our darkest places.

Now the stage turns pink, matching Bjork and her barely decipherable dialect. But no matter... the important words find their way through the barrier of native language and human emotion.

"You make me feel better."

The crowd releases a thunderous appreciation. Bjork simply says "Thank you," the first non-melodic words she has uttered the entire evening. Is it that she is divided from her audience or simply quiet and reserved? Maybe she is an artist who believes her art will speak in ways mere words cannot.

There is one thing she reveals over and over and over, like a declaration; like a confession. "I love him. I love him. I love him...."

At this point people are crying and still.

"I know the future," Bjork declares. Everyone waits for her to reveal it to them. There is an apprehension in the air that feels almost uncomfortable. Will she reveal the answer? Of course not. This is Bjork we're talking about. She simply divulges, "You're gonna have to find out for yourselves."


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"We mimic the openness
Of the warmth we love
Dovetail our generosity,
equalizes the flow
With our hearts
We chisel quartz
To reach love"

Song * Crystalline
Album * Biophilia
"Show me forgiveness
For having lost faith in myself
And let my own interior up
To inferior forces
The shame is endless
But if soon starts forgiveness
The girl might live "

Song * Show Me Forgiveness
Album * MedĂșlla
"He slides inside
Half awake, half asleep
We faint back
Into sleephood
When I wake up
The second time
In his arms
He's still inside me
Who would have known?"

Song * Cocoon
Album * Vespertine