A review of his show at The Showbox in Seattle, Washington on June 04, 2005.
By Melody Alderman

If you haven't heard of Aqualung yet, then it's time for you to go to your local music store and pick up a copy of Strange and Beautiful. Sure, you can download it on Amazon or iTunes but there's nothing like holding the music in your hands, especially music like this. It's enchanting and poignant with songs that will elevate your spirit, like "Brighter Than Sunshine," and songs that will break your heart like... well... "Breaking My Heart."

Much in the vein of Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst, Aqualung is the master mind of one man, vocalist and songwriter Matt Hales, who has been composing music since childhood. He's accompanied on stage by his brother Ben. They've both come a long way since performing Police covers in Southampton. Now here they are on stage at The Showbox, a legendary Seattle venue that often provides the catalyst between the rising underground and mainstream arrival.

Matt made an appearance early on in the evening when he joined opening act Cary Brothers on stage. He jumped behind the piano to accompany Cary on the Garden State soundtrack song "Blue Eyes." If you've seen the movie, you may have heard the song distantly playing in the background as Zach Braff and Natalie Portman's characters share a beer in a dive bar.

VH1 has been advertising Aqualung as an artist to watch for several months now. Usually that title only lasts a few weeks. But there's a reason music like the songs found on Strange and Beautiful make you want to throw your support behind them. They're captivating and sincere without feeling like they've been programmed to come across that way. There's something very magical behind the songs that Matt writes and they'll leave you wanting to tell everyone you know to go out and buy the CD or catch them live. Either way, you'll want to listen.


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"I'll put a spell on you,
You'll fall asleep,
I'll put a spell on you,
And when I wake you,
I'll be the first thing you see,
And you'll realize that you love me."

Song * Strange & Beautiful
(I'll Put A Spell On You)

Album * Srange & Beauiful
"Feel the earth begin to move
Underneath my buckle shoe
Maybe this is just exactly who I am
Taxi's crawling up the hill
Take me where the
world stands still
Away from where the air
is frozen in your hands."

Song * 36 Hours
Album * Magnetic North
"You have too much.
You're spending all your time
Collecting and discovering
It's not enough.
And no matter how you try,
You never find the one you want."

Song * Something To Believe In
Album * Memory Man